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Nomads Notes travel diary software is a unique way to record and blog* all aspects of your motorhome, caravan or RV trip in one easy place.

Do you write a travel diary or journal of your trip? Would you like to blog* your trip journal and photos? Do you take photos of your trip to share with family and friends? Do you write down all your fuel consumption and daily mileage details? Do you keep a page of all the great campsites you have found? Do you like to keep track of all the wonderful friends you meet on the road? Do your record all your expenses from your trip? Do you like to keep detailed information on your vehicles' maintenance

      What a fantastic idea you have with Nomads Notes. I am just starting on this wonderful world of being a Nomad and I would never of thought such an aid would be possible John, Victoria, Australia

      Here is what is included in your travel diary software 

      Click on the links to see screen shots of the program

      Choose between imperial or metric measures If you live in a metric country but still think in the old "miles per gallon" you can choose metric, and see imperial data for comparison

      Trip Diary - Records each trip separately. A trip can be from a one night quick trip away to a lifetime on the road

      Daily Journal - Record your daily events and thoughts and include a photo. Multiple Journal entries can be recorded for each day. It even includes a spell checker with 4 different English language dictionaries - US, UK, Australian and Canadian. Share your Journal with family and friends through new Nomads Blog (paid subscription service)

      Photo Album - Photos can be arranged in separate albums for all parts of the trip. Each photo can have a separate title and description. Photo album has search capabilities by date or location

      Campsite Journal - Records all aspects of your campsites including, location, type of camp, cost, features, pet details and GPS points

      Fuel Consumption - Records all details of fuel purchases including number of litres or gallons, cost per unit and place of purchase to see average cost per vehicle, total cost per vehicle, average volume by purchase or vehicle and total volume per vehicle. All charts shown in metric and/or imperial

      Expenses -   – Record all your trip expenses divided into categories of your choosing eg food, house etc

      Contacts - Records all aspects of contact details for the people you meet. No longer having to remember what their email address, phone number or website address is, you have it all recorded. And was the daughter's name Jessica or Janine - you'll have all the details

      Vehicle details and maintenance records - Can record details of multiple vehicles, for example your motorhome and your towed vehicle or motorbike. Keep a record of vehicle maintenance including parts and labout and also insurance policy details and oil types and capacity for gearbox and engines for when you need to do servicing on the road

      TV and Radio stations – Record where you find your favourite radio and TV stations

      Export - Exports all aspects of the trip and the reports into a pdf format for you to share with family and friends

      Reports are numerous and easily retrieved

      Number of nights in each accommodation type

      • e.g. Caravan Park, National Park, State Forest, with friends or many more types. Campsite Types are user defined
      • Average cost by accommodation type
      • Total cost by accommodation type
      • Average accommodation cost per night

      Vehicle Travel Summary

      • Distance travelled for each vehicle - e.g. motorhome and "toad" vehicle

      Fuel Reports

      • Mileage by vehicle shown in kilometres per litre and or miles per gallon
      • Average cost per purchase
      • Total cost per vehicle
      • Average litres or gallons per purchase
      • Total litres or gallons per vehicle
      • Average cost per litre or gallon
      • Cost per kilometre or mile

      Expense Reports
      • Expense type summary
      • Expense type breakdown to subcategories
      • Total expenses
      Vehicle Maintenance Reports
      • Service type summary
      • Parts cost summary 

      Nomads Blog now available

      For a limited time purchase a six months Nomads Blog subscription with Nomads Notes and receive a 50% discount of the cost of your blog subscription. Choose Nomads and Blog from the drop down menu on the shopping cart page

      Download direct to your computer for immediate access to this great program

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      Only AUD $49.95 

      Windows Only (no Mac version available)

      Licence allows you to install program on both your desktop and laptop computer or two laptops for your travels

      Money Back Guarantee!
      If Nomad Notes does not perform exactly the way we have described it,
      simply contact us within 90 days and we will give you your money back
      NomadsNotes Ebook

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      Buy today before your next trip

      It fits right into what is needed by me. With everything in one package, it helps for a great diary for memories etc. Being on a budget getting around I can work out how far and what approx costs it will take for a future trip
      Frank, Victoria, Australia 

        As you record your trip details you can easily retrieve information on how many miles or kilometres you have travelled so far, or how much money you have spent without the need for a calculator or any manual adding up. 
      Instantly view your fuel economy for multiple vehicles with no complicated maths or formulas

      For Australian residents only - If you would like to purchase by cheque please contact us for details

      * Nomads Blog is a subscription service
      See the System Requirements page for details prior to purchasing. See the Screen Shots page or use the links above for more information. After purchasing Nomads Note see the Getting Started Page.